Shoot around the world in a day with on-set virtual production

At VMG Studios, we are leading experts in LED volume video production in the Pacific Northwest. Our expertise includes creative strategy and scripting approaches specifically designed to optimize on-set virtual production; experience directing talent and crew in an LED Volume studio; and extensive experience integrating onscreen content with foreground props, set pieces, lighting, and special effects to create seamlessly real scenes across multiple locations.

What is on-set virtual production? 

On-set virtual production utilizes 16x90 foot curved LED screens and ceiling panels to create a digital, immersive enclosure around actors and set pieces, creating intricate virtual landscapes.

Use cases include:
  • Product launches

  • Virtual events

  • Executive presentations

  • Internal training

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Commercial work 

  • Brand storytelling

Sustainability impact

The adoption of virtual environments has the potential to notably lessen the reliance on physical materials, which can lead to a decrease in waste production and resource usage. Additionally, the energy required to power LED screens may often be lower than that used for transporting crew and equipment to various shooting locations.

Virtual production benefits: 

  • Time Savings: Streamlines the production process, enabling a quicker transition from filming to final edit.

  • On-the-Fly Flexibility: Facilitates on-the-spot adjustments to lighting, weather, and backdrops.

  • Unlimited Creative Possibilities: With the power of real-time game engines, creators con construct vast, detailed virtual environments, offering an infinite canvas for creativity.

  • Cost Savings: Can significantly reduce production expenses by minimizing location and travel costs, set construction, and post-production adjustments.

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