Create A Memorable Branded Experience

About Interactive Media & eLearning

Interactive media has the power to turn an audience from passive to engaged. By creating an interactive video, the viewer is prompted to take action within the content, which improves their retention of the presented information. Interactive media has many uses, but is particularly helpful for internal trainings or eLearning courses. Our programs generate backend metrics, allowing our clients to identify learning gaps so the training can be optimized for maximum results.

As education transitions from in-person to online, it's important to strategize the experience of the course from the very beginning by combining effective instructional design with visually engaging graphic design, animation, and video. At VMG Studios, we have the best of both worlds. Several of our Producers have extensive backgrounds in eLearning, having built more than 50 courses combined. Beyond the educational standpoint, we understand design best practices meant to stimulate learning and improve learning retention.

While most of our programs (aside from a big one in development!) are confidential, we are happy to discuss our interactive and eLearning experiences and approach in-depth over an introductory meeting. Just shoot us a note below! 


  • Instructional Design
  • Content Mapping
  • Scripting & Content Outline 
  • Wireframing
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Design/Production
  • Development